First and foremost


The old adage remains true: “One person’s junk is anther’s treasure.

Let the professionals at Hallenbeck Estate Sales And Business Liquidations decide what to keep and sell, or what to discard.

Don’t assume that your personal property is not valuable enough for an estate sale.
There can be very good money in mundane household effects, non-collectible furniture, daily dishware and silverware, garage tools etc.

Again, let Hallenbeck Estate Sales And Business Liquidations take a look and decide from our experience what your items will bring.

Again please consult with us before you discard anything. Items that you feel

are worthless could very well be exactly what someone else has been been searching for.

It is amazing what people will buy. Hallenbeck Estate Sales And Business Liquidations can sell – post cards, matches, auto manuals, appliance manuals, how to manuals, furniture, computer manuals, computers, DVDs, CDs, LPs, cassette tapes, video tapes, stereos, radios, vintage toys, Computer software, Beds, Tables, Chairs, dining room sets, guitars, computer monitors, cook books, automobiles, trucks, farm equipment, printers, cameras, video cameras, dolls, doll clothes,Barbies, tools, automobile tools, carpenter tools, plumping tools, Ladders, Antique furniture, collectibles, sports equipment, sports cards, seasonal items, sheet music, music lessons, store liquidations, weight training equipment,  unopened food, cleaning supplies, clothing, linens, towels, bedding, sheets, glass, ect.

Hallenbeck Estate Sales And Business Liquidations have people who are looking for antiques: furniture, fine art, jewelry, toys, textiles. This is just a few of the items that have value to people when they come to our sales.

Your next step

Call us to do a walk through of the home or business premises and can put you on our schedule right away!
You really don’t have to do anything in the home, that’s what Hallenbeck Estate Sales And Business Liquidations  is here for.

Talk to your families.

There are always ways of Avoiding Problems
If this is an estate involving the death of a loved one, just consulting with your families before doing anything  may save a lot of heartache and ill feeling

If there is a problem with division of personal items, let us price everything first, let the family come in before the sale to the public and have everyone buy the items they want.

The money will go back to the estate so everything can be divided equally. This usually stops problems before they occur.

When you are ready to begin the process simply call us.

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Hallenbeck Estate Sales And Business Liquidations